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ClinMed2018 Summer School

The CIC-IT network has managed the CLINMED2018 Summer School sponsored by EIT Health. The purpose of this program was to give you an up-to-date general perspective of the life cycle of a medical device: from the initial concept until it reaches the European market.

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Videos « Innovative Technology for Health »

This tab includes videos dedicated to scientific innovation for general and school audiences.

Five documentaries have been filmed in five different CIC-IT: they described how new ideas are implemented and carried out thanks to close collaboration between clinicians and multi-disciplinary researchers and show the crucial role of the CIC-IT.

Coproduction : Inserm , Virtuel, Universcience
Movie director : François Demerliac
Production year : 2014-2016
Duration : between 5 and 7 mn
English subtitles

Besançon : Smart Transfuser

The idea is to develop tomorrow’s smart medical devices, making the most of the institute’s cross-thematic side to build scientific knowledge for the benefit of patients. Research, from bench to patient bed, is the major focus of CIC-IT's work. Here is a project that illustrates this: it’s the Smart Transfuser. What does it do ?

Grenoble : A robot in MRI system

In the MRI research lab of Grenoble's University Hospital Centre, groundbreaking research is under way... The stakes are high: verification of robot operation on volunteers. The robot is being clinically tested for the first time. It's the first time in virtually real conditions in a hospital MRI facility, on living, breathing people who may move about in the MRI machine.

Lille : Biosensors and e-health

Lille is home to a Centre for Clinical Investigation and Technological Innovation, or CIC-IT. But what do they actually do in this centre? Regis Logier, CIC-IT Coordinator : “Our main activity is to facilitate access to the hospital’s technical platforms, to evaluate the medical devices in general, whether they come from our lab or other labs, and also on behalf of manufacturers

Nancy MRI

You may have already had an MRI scan… MRI combines a very powerful magnetic field, and electromagnetic waves to observe the inside of the body. Question: Apart from possible effects of claustrophia, is MRI scanning safe ?

PET in Tours

In the Tours region, one of the less-known specialities is radiopharmaceutical research. This activity involves several structures situated around the CERRP, the Centre for Radiopharmaceutical Design and Research. What are « radiopharmaceuticals » ?