Welcome to the National CIC-IT Network Website

The Clinical Investigation Centre for Innovative Technology network was set up after the 8 centres were labelled in 2008 by the Inserm and the Ministry of Health (Direction Generale de l'Organisation des Soins - DGOS).

A Strategic Sector for France.

Let us explain why with a few figures. The global market for medical technologies and devices was worth more than 376 billion euros in 2013 – approximately a third of which fell to Europe, the second market after the United States. France is in third place in Europe after Germany and the Great Britain and in sixth place worldwide. The market represents approximately 435.000 jobs in Europe (95% in small to medium-size companies, 1.500 of which are established in France), representing 60% of the business volume of the pharmaceutical industries.

The market for health technologies displays a sustainable growth, bringing high technology and permanent innovation, as well as responding to an invariably strong demand from society. The main objective for France is, therefore, to improve its performance.

Le réseau CIC-IT The CIC-IT network mission - in direct link with the other actors involved (institutions, research labs and companies) - is to coordinate and expand the CIC-IT efforts, mutualize their skills, encourage all the initiatives than can best respond to the expectations of the industrial sector and of healthcare organizations, as well as to represent the CIC-ITs at the national and international levels.

Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry, National CIC-IT Network Coordinator from 2016
Regis Beuscart, Coordinator (2012-2015)
Jean-Louis Coatrieux, Coordinator (2008-2011)