Innovative Technology for Health

"Innovative Technology for Health" E-learning

Why Offering such a Training?

To give to future generations the key to innovation in Health - a fully, rapidly changing field.

To make them aware of the complex process leading to mature Innovative Technology, and the different ways to protect, evaluate and valorize it in terms of medical benefit, in particular.

To provide the industry and health organizations working in the field of Innovative Technology and Medical Devices, with concrete illustrations of proven know-hows supported by the CIC-IT network:

Augmented interventions in medicine and surgery
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Implantable cardiac prosthesis
Ultrasound and radiopharmaceuticals


The training is made up of two major, complementary modules:

1. "Development of Innovative Technology for Health: from A to Z"
It presents the generic steps for the development of innovation in health, as well as the various medical, technical and legal tools and reference systems used in the field in France (patents, CE marking, clinical trials, evaluation, reimbursement,...).

2. "Innovative Technology: Examples of Applications"
This module focuses on the specific know-hows of the various centres composing the CIC-IT network, allowing to better understand the generic concepts presented earlier (in the first module) and specifically applied to each field. These concepts are inevitable for someone wanting to innovate or be aware of the way innovation works in these fields.

The Facts

The training is available in France and will soon be, abroad. It uses new internet multimedia technologies in order to improve the quality of learning, providing easier access to resources and services and enabling exchange and remote collaboration.

A proven teaching model is implemented by the network: students are given free access to audio classes.

Every student is provided with tools for self-evaluation and validation of the understanding of the main concepts explained in classes. They can also interact with teachers to look into misunderstood elements or sharpen their knowledge in the field. An online individual final evaluation is offered to students.


Year 2010-2011

Plan to extend the two modules in France and abroad

Year 2009-2010

Pilot project ("Innovative Technology: Examples of Applications") offered within the "Modèle, Innovation Technologique, Imagerie (MITI)" assignement of the "Master 2R, Ingénierie de la Santé et du Médicament (ISM)" at Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble.

The Target

Master 2R

Last year of engineering school

Detailed Program

2009-2010 Program

Coming soon: 2010-2011 Program