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Grenoble CIC-IT

About Us

MAXITHEC (MAXImization of the effect of Targeted Expert Therapies) follows on from the Technological Innovative Centre settled in the University Hospital of Grenoble, labelled and financially supported by the Ministry of Research and Technology since 2002.

Grenoble CIC-IT benefits from more than twenty years of effort in Health Information Engineering, thanks to which a critical number of several hundreds of physicians and researchers could be gathered and structured around this topic. It constitutes a pivot structure for three-party collaborations between Practitioners, Researchers and Industrials in the sector.

Our Specializations

Supporting Technological Innovation in the field of Computer Aided Medical Interventions (CAMI). This support can be limited in time or extended
to the whole process of maturing of the innovation, in order to estimate or even maximise the expected and delivered medical service.


Pr Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry ( Coordinator) and Pr Philippe Cinquin (Scientific Coordinator) ensure the scientific and medical management and piloting of Grenoble CIC-IT.

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Pôle de santé publique
Département de Méthodologie et de l'Information de Santé (DMIS)
Institut de l'Ingénierie et de l'Information de Santé

CHU de Grenoble
38 043 Grenoble cedex 09

Tel. (+33) 4 76 76 92 60
Website : Grenoble CIC-IT

Access and Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am and from 1.30 to 6 pm

By tram: B line, stop at Grand Sablon
By bus: Line 9, stop at Grand Sablon