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COVID19: Confining bubble for patients infected with airborne viruses

CIC-IT Grenoble

A team of researchers and doctors from the Integrated University of Grenoble Alpes is currently developing an open source device intended to protect medical personnel from COVID-19. It is a bubble isolating the upper airways of patients from their immediate environment. A slight depression directs the particles rejected by the patient towards a filter. This system can be used from the initial care of the patient until the end of their medical treatment. The first 10 prototypes are being finalized and must be delivered to the SAMU38 and CHU Grenoble departments. Although the first tests show a real effectiveness of the system, an in-depth clinical study will begin as soon as possible, possibly followed by a large-scale industrialization of the system. The project is not yet mature, but all the information is available online: - explanations of the project and manufacturing plans: - To access the open CAD project, go to::

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