replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexSolar power from Space this might sound like a interesting technology from a sci- fi Hollywood movie. Such kind of giant leaps and projects are required to satisfy the ever power hungry world. According to John C. Mankins manger of Advanced Concepts Studies Office of Space Flight (NASA) , Space solar power project is capable of meeting the every growing energy needs of millions of people. When inquired about buy zeno watch basel pilot oversized gmt the feasibility of this mammoth project he stated that "SSP can be deployed within a decade using

technologies that are today in the laboratory" It has to be mentioned here that Mr.Mankins is a leading expert in space based solar power. Mankins in his recent talk at the National press club- Washington a month back differed from the facts that many believe that Space based Solar power is not feasible. So far experts have believed that Space solar power is too expensive and requires advanced , reliable and reusable technology to send satellites to space and also to collect solar energy from space and transmit them back to iwc der dopple on sale earth. But Mr.Mankins believes that Space based solar power technology has a high level of feasibility. Mr.Mankins further added that the multi mega watt transmission at the rate of $1 to $5 / kilowatt hour in 10 to 15 years. Thus produced solar power can be transferred to earth using microwaves. These microwave energy are cartier tank americaine for sale collected using rectennas - a group of simple mesh of antennas. Adding more value to the facts he cheap patek philippe 10 day watches stated that on the ecological point of chopard imperiale replicas view the beamed microwave energy will have no effect on the ecosystem and the humans. But the experts who oppose this system to be very complex as it requires Billions to be invested. They say that instead of investing huge time and money in a such a complex project. The traditional solar power stations can be improved to increase the effectiveness and also the improve the reliability and efficiency of the output.
Mr.Mankins has an answer for them. Even if you increase the efficiency of the ground porsche design world timer on sale based Solar power stations they can be no match for the space based solar power stations as the solar power collected in space is 10 times more than what it is found on ground. And it is not interrupted either by day / night issue . Neither will any meteorological or climatic changes can affect them. You can produce solar power during winter but with the help of SBSP it is possible. Besides this will help us to explore more about space and know about them. But this SBSP cannot replace Terrestrial space solar power altogether but still they can co-exist to power the world with more reliability and promise .