replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexTrees and plants have great importance in our life. They absorb several harmful gases from the atmosphere and consequently clean the environment. Also they discharge certain very useful gases through synthesis. However, the nature of gases released differs from plant to plant. Vastu Shastra for plants and trees guides us as to what kinds of flora hamilton 943 replica watches should be planted around the house to enjoy its positive attributes. Vastu For Trees The trees must be placed at a distance from the house so that their shadow does not fall upon the residence from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. This is because they can hinder the cosmic radiations found in the hot sun rays from entering the house. Prohibited Trees And Plants ? Trees or Plants With Thorns : Babool, Ber, Akolh, Katari and the like. ? Milking trees or plants: Vata, Mahua, Peepal and the like. ? Fruit Bearing trees or plants: a lange sohne richard lange replicas Jamun, Aam (Mango), Kela (Banana) ? Miscellaneous: Lemon, Kadamb Apart from this, different trees must be located in different directions of the house and its best to plant them in their correct direction to avoid negative effects. Having said that, there are also certain plants and trees that can be planted in any direction. Mentioned below are the most auspicious cheap a lange sohne 1815 and inauspicious directions for various trees: ? EAST- For the eastern direction VATA PEEPAL is auspicious and all FRUIT BEARING TREES are inauspicious. ? SOUTH- For the southern direction GOOLAR is the most auspicious while PAKAD and NIMBA are inauspicious ? WEST- PEEPAL is the most auspicious tree for this direction. However, breitling colt gmt plus watches for sale VATA, KELA (Banana), AMRA (Mango) are inauspicious. ? NORTH- North is best suited for PAKAD while GOOLAR or KELA (Banana) are inauspicious. ? SOUTH-EAST- South-east should be used to grow ANAAR (Pomegranate). However, trees or plants that give milk, red flowers or thorns, should never be grown in this direction. Apart from this, goolar, pakad, shalmli, peepal and vata are also inauspicious copy omega watches for this direction. ? SOUTH-WEST- IMLI is the best tree for this direction and KADAMBA should be avoided. ? NORTH-WEST- For the North West direction BEIL is the best tree, however any plant or tree with thorns must be avoided. ? NORTH-EAST- AMLA is best for North east direction while KELA (Banana) is inauspicious. Some trees, if planted near the house, will have their roots reaching underneath the walls and damaging the building. Hence, it's best to avoid them. Auspicious plants & trees in general according to vastu for plants and trees: Below are the names of certain flora which are supposed to be auspicious around a house. ? Ashoka draksha naagar ? Anaar daal-chini nariyal ? Arishta gulab panas ? Bakul jayanti phalini ? Aprajita japaa punnag ? Chameli keshar shaal ? Champa malti vacha ? Chandan ketki taal-makhana vastu for garden or vastu shastra for plants and trees guide us to in which place should be plant flora and fauna that brings properity and happiness in life. Find more information on Vastu Shastra by visiting us at fake dubey schaldenbrand watch the provided link.