replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexPremium WordPress themes commonly provide us with multiple page layouts that we can select with a single click fake breitling watch when writing our pages or posts. At Spanky we use the Genesis theme framework, widely recognised as one of the best available in "WordPress land". Genesis provides us with the following page layout options in our page / post editor;- ? Full width ? Content / Sidebar ? Sidebar / Content ? Sidebar / Content / Smal Sidebar ? Small Sidebar / Sidebar / Content ? Content / Sidebar / Small Sidebar fake american watch co watches We can select whichever of these page layouts we prefer with a single mouse click and we can change the layout again later on if we are adding new content or changing the content on the page. What is a Sidebar? The image to the right shows you a recent Spanky post with a sidebar to the right of the main content. The sidebar could have been to the left or we could even have posted this article on a full width cheap franck muller long island big date page without the sidebar. The sidebar we chose to use on this post is our website's "Primary" or default sidebar. If we set our page layout to content / sidebar this sidebar is shown, although, being WordPress, of course we could just as easily have set up another sidebar and used that. Why Would You Use a Sidebar? There are a number of reasons you would consider using a sidebar on one of your pages or posts. The most important zenith el primero grand date replica reason I would suggest is to promote your products or to encourage your site visitors to take a positive action. As you can see to the right of this post we are promoting our WordPress websites. We have a "slider" that shows you many of the themes we have available followed by a graphic that list a few of the many benefits you get with a Spanky Premium WordPress website. This is followed by a second graphic for our Facebook Business Fan Page products. Now it may be that the reader will realise that this is an replica watches oris sportsman advertisement for our products and may not look at this area in detail. The common heat map of where people look on a web page would suggest that this is a likely scenario. The fact is, though, that this space is available and will undoubtedly attract some interest. This would likely be from a person who came to this article via a Google search and did not know who Spanky was or what products we sell. Placing a Quick Contact From in a Sidebar Another tactic that can be very good for getting leads and helping your site visitors is to place a simple Quick Contact form in your sidebar. Should the site visitor be on a page that describes your product or service and they have a question a simple quick contact form in the sidebar will encourage them to ask that questions with the absolute minimum of effort. A "minimum of effort" is always something you should strive for with your site design. Making a potential lead do things with more than a single click should be avoided if at all possible so placing a cut down version of your site's contact form actually on the page the visitor is reading will save them having to look for the button to get to your "big" contact form. Full Width Pages Can Be Hard Work for Your Site Visitor cartier cougar for sale There are pages on your website that need to be full width. They may have a graphic that needs to be full width or they may have tabular data that takes up a full width as well. At Spanky we have those pages, however, we do try and keep them to a minimum. If you can possibly avoid it then you should never make your text full width. Paragraphs of full width text are a well documented usability issue. The site visitor will have to scan their head from left to right and this should be avoided. Make Your Sidebar Work for You and Your Site Visitors So there you have it. A very simple thing that is simple to implement, however, can provide you with additional leads or sales and can make a positive difference to your site visitors. If you do not already use sidebars, and I am guessing that many of you already do, then give it a try. The beauty of WordPress is that you can quickly change and then change back again in the future if it is not working for you.