replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexThe Double Screen is a read screen that you can incorporate into a spread offense attack quite easily. The read is on the front side Defensive End. This is a screen play from Gunter Brewer's Effectively Using Screens video. The Double Screen will have a screen to the running back on the front side with a screen to a wide receiver on the back side. Double Screen gives Options Front Side Screen On the front side, the back will flare out. The Quarterback will read the Defensive End, who is the only player unaccounted for here. If the DE ignores the back and crashes hard, we will get the ball to the RB replica concord mariner for sale now. Up front, the front side Guard and Tackle are working outside. The Tackle will kick the force player outside and the Guard will turn up to run the alley. They take fake audemars piguet millenary watch two pass set steps and then release to block for girard perregaux ferrari online the screen. The receivers on the front side will crack sell audemars piguet watches down on the backer and safety. The RB needs to get married to the Tackle, working himself in phase with the tackle on his release. If he gets out in front of the Tackle, he will not get the kickout block that he needs to get up the field. Backside Screen to the Receiver On the back side of the Double Screen, we have a receiver running a tunnel screen. The #2 receiver will block the Corner over top of the #1 receiver, who is getting the football. You will want this block in case of man coverage, particularly. The Center, Back Side Guard and Back Side Tackle will hold for 1 1/2 seconds before releasing to block. The Tackle will kick the force player, the Guard will look up to block the alley defender and the Center will turn back inside picking up trash. Why the Double Screen is Effective The Double Screen will be an effective play for you because of the element of "option" football in it. The Defensive End is unblocked, and if he attacks aggressively you are dumping the ball over him to a well-blocked screen on the front side. But if the DE widens with the screen, the QB has time to turn back and throw the tunnel screen. fake roger dubuis much more for sale Ideally, you will be throwing the front side screen, but if you have to throw the back side screen you montblanc replicas still have a good chance for a big play despite the primary play being well defended! You can adapt the Double Screen to a variety of formations and add it into your current screen package for your offense.