replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexWhich one is better? PS3 vs. Xbox 360 is one of the main battles in the world of gaming and has arrived new heights, as the manufacturers of both, Sony and Microsoft, are trying hard to get to the best stage. The question is which gaming console is better than the other, Xbox 360 or PS3? After last decade or so, the gaming industry has arrived at new highs, with the major players in the market which is coming up with some of the most complicated video game consoles ever watched. Today the two popular gaming platforms are PS3, the latest variant of PlayStation from Sony, and Xbox 360, Microsoft's heir to Xbox, which are battling it out for the top slot in the world of gaming. the comparison is not easy, because these two consoles both have their own positives and negatives points, however, there are some points wherein each of these two have an edge over the other one. Before finding out the better one, let's get some information about each of them. PlayStation 3 (PS3): PS3 stands for PlayStation 3. It is the seventh-generation video game system which was enormous launched by electronics giant cheap rolex precision Sony, piaget fake watches in 2006. This console was an instant beat among various age groups which owes to its high-definition optical disc format, and it made gaming even more exciting than before. PlayStation 3 company provided a Blu-Ray disc for a storage medium which made larger place to store data. Now two different PS3 are available in the market , the PS3 120 GB Slim and PS3 250 GB Slim. Some beautiful games are : Devil May Cry , Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, and Call of Duty 4, which the Modern Warfare is produced. PS3 is really one of the best gaming consoles you can choose. Xbox 360: Xbox 360 hublot replica swiss is the seventh-generation video game console launched by Microsoft, in 2005. One of the most surprising feature of the Xbox 360 was Xbox Live, which played a very important role in the great achievement of the console around the world. It has not only online gaming and downloading, but Xbox 360 also has made TV shows and movie broadcasts. And now, two differences of the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Arcade and the Elite are available in the market. The rising popularity of the Xbox 360 can also be ascribe to the surprising range of games that it supports, like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 and Resident Evil5. PS3 vs. Xbox 360 : Both these two console gaming ,PS3 and Xbox 360 ,are seventh-generation video game consoles, and for this reason they have a lot of same features. but, there are some different points between PS3 and Xbox 360. CPU and GPU Comparison: What does these two terms stand for? GPU, i.e. the graphics processing unit, and CPU, i.e. the central processing unit. They are important components of the video game console. The fact is The Xenos GPU in Xbox 360 does have an edge over the RSX GPU in PS3, but then the Cell engine (or microprocessor chip) in PS3 comes to the rescue of PS3 by handling the workload at any given point of time. the Cell engine in PS3 is more powerful than the triple-core Xenon CPU in Xbox 360. Storage Comparison: while PS3 uses a Blu-ray Disk as the primary storage medium, Xbox 360 uses double layer DVDs as the primary storage medium. In PS3, which has the Blu-ray Disk, nearly 54 gigs of data can cheap a lange sohne lange 1 for sale be stored, however, the equal amounts to only 9 gigs in Xbox 360's double layer DVDs. This gives PS3 a thumbs up for its storage capacity, which is quite important as both the consoles which offer available game downloads. Price Comparison: Price is really one of the important factors when it comes to PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison. Xbox 360, the Arcade version, sans the HDD, is priced at USD 199.99, so it is so inexpensive. If you are ready to pay some more money, you can always choose Xbox 360 Elite, the higher end version of Xbox 360 console. It has two kinds - Xbox 360 Elite with 120 GB HDD, priced at USD 299.99, and Xbox 360 Elite with 250 GB HDD, priced at USD 399.99. on the other side, PS3 also has two models on the basis of the storage capacity. PS3 120 GB Slim is priced at USD 300, but PS3 250 GB Slim is priced at USD 400, which is nearly the same as the price of Xbox 360 Elite models. Online Gaming Comparison: While Microsoft charges parmigiani copies a standard monthly fee for online gaming, PS3 offers online gaming for free. This means in the long term PS3, which is a bit costlier than Xbox 360 because of the market price, is actually a better bet. This is one of the most important aspect of PS3. Finally, it is quite hard to decide which one is better, ulysse nardin replicas Xbox 360 or PS3, because both of them have their own positives and negatives. in this situation, what you choose depends on your view, on the basis of your personal preferences. We do believe that Microsoft's Xbox 360 has a slight edge over Sony's PS3, but PS3 has its own positives, owing to which it has such a powerful fans who follow it . check Fisooloo for more