replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexTengda is a first multi colored solution with it's six different forms for each different overweight problem in Turkey. Which means, with tengda each different overweight problem have its' own solution in different formats. For Zonal Problems Tengda �Cf, For disorder of the digestive system Tengda - b, For eating disorders Tengda - o fake audemars piguet millenary watches cellulite and related edema problems tengda �Cs for thyroid related disorders tengda - t cartier tank americaine replicas is formed and serving in under different packaging and under sub-brand. Tengda care about people and is not just selling and ordinary slimming miracle. Each Tengda has its' own reccomended diet and exercise program also cheap iwc big pilot private specialist. (should see on web site ) In last two years Turkish people are fed by iwc big pilot online an advertising bombs and miracle solutions in any cosmetics and herbal medical fields. So they get bored to hear any other food supply adds or news but suddenly medical back grounded specialist arrived. Started to give facts instate of promises. Tengda is one of the success stories on this subject. Create best solution, Put in market in a really reasonable price, make it accessible, be honest and the success will come. This is the general strategy of Tengda Turkey. Different Forms, Different Solutions; is not just a marketing strategy. It is new herbal solution concept. People are different and supplies should be different as well. Tengda is a first step product and solution. Differentiation is the key concept for emerging herbal food supply business in all around the world. Tenda - Lifmix is a food supply and it is indispansable source of Tengda's difference. By launching Tengda �CLifmix instade of pushing to people only a slimming replica cartier cougar for sale solution, Tengda tryingto effect life style and guarantee the final result. This cuervo y sobrinos habana torpedo replica is Consumer focused product and marketing strayegy building. Do not sell the product, let them come, show interest, and connect to the brand finally let them buy it. Pushing a miracle Slimming Products to consumer eyes is not the right way to choose for an intelligent company. Building trust is the Tengda's way of marketing. Eveyday 10.000 users visiting page and visitors interest on the site is very high. 10 average page visit and over 10 minutes time spent for each users. is a success story in Turkish Herbal Solution Market.