replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexBy the Italian Mediobanca Group (Mediterranean Investment Bank Group) commissioned the design firm to create a new concept branch CreaInternational CheBanca! Modern appearance in Milan, the full sense of the work proposed design of the bank as a public space in terms of design possibilities. Facing the world recession may be many people's lives greatly changed, even a small shopping mall a few omega seamaster professional on sale times, a small restaurant next several times, the bank will not fear, is how to avoid dealing with a place. But the monotony of banks Puma Shoes just routinely place a monetary transaction, heavily guarded, monotony, the traditional regularization bank may only increase as the recession bit Xiaosha atmosphere. So, on the banks Can With a better mood then? Milan, Italy, the concept of a bank CheBanca! On the first in this regard eating crab. omega seamaster planet ocean replica Belonging to the Italian Mediobanca Group (Mediterranean Investment Bank Group) CheBanca! Located northeast of Milan, Bergamo, its English translation is What a bank! (Meaning "this bank!"). In the "core customer" as every company in gerald genta arena perpetual replica the advertised slogan, CheBanca! Glance to illustrate this concept with the design. Design Crea International chose yellow as the main color - used to seeing the pragmatic and thick dark colors, a lot of people about the color of this frivolous difficult to accept, but according to the meaning of design, the yellow is the color of the sun, to light a sense of to symbolize transparency, providing ample space and give people a right to choose the Puma Trainers world. So the yellow spread in the room when people entered the meantime there will be a feeling of being surrounded by the sun, which is expressed by their "customer is always the core" concept, with the logic of the solar system to emphasize the nature of services it touches a very vivid metaphor, simple, transparent and direct, so in terms of money, the world can actually have sentimental side. About 150 square meters of indoor space is divided into business areas, rest areas, children's playground and coffee corner - will look into the original routine banking services a place fake panerai black seal watches to live, lounge and coffee corner to kill people easily bored out of time waiting in line, corner of paradise is for adults and children do not have to worry about the time to count the money on their children where. cheap cartier panther watches Bank staff in four to six daily shifts here, the central business district is to provide a traditional service counters. As for the fear of science and technology for people who can go to the counter a few centers, like the small private room to the capsule whole self-help operations. White and yellow tables and chairs custom design a look or tone of Milan, full, white tile floor and roof skylights so that the entire space becomes more transparent and bright, simple wooden table shows the spirit of nature, and all the rounded design of the square structure has weakened the original bank official solemn atmosphere. CheBanca! Was officially opened in May this year, but just a few months to help design Crea International started the brand, originally focused on financial services, telecommunications design CreaInternational now Puma Shoes UK its tentacles into the food and beverage, entertainment, transport and fashion industry, established only five years, the company has expanded to Rome, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and other regions. "Physicalbrand design" has always been proud of their design concept to the customer's vision and experience from the standpoint fake ball 999 hamilton for sale of design, good use of metaphor and imagination, to allow customers to enter the designated space are not only seen and heard, more through the interactive experience to the brand's essence, so that they can put cold into a financial market place is full of emotional thing.