replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexIt's been nearly three years since the last one of ICP's albums was released. That's three long years Juggalos have been waiting for the next Joker's card, the next horror rap hit, and newest member to the long line of great songs present on all of ICP albums. So when will the highly anticipated ICP album Mighty Death Pop! drop? Initial reports speculated that Mighty Death Pop! would see the light of day before the end of 2011. Such was not the case, as it's almost 2012 and there's no speak of releasing Mighty Death Pop! before the clock strikes twelve. replica rolex precision for sale Juggalos are replica rolex explorer ii watches on the edge of their seats, and rightly so. Juggalos all around the globe want to know if this record will sound similar to the past 10 ICP albums, as it will be the third collaboration with producer Mike E. Clark in as many albums. Juggalos are also curious as to what this ICP album's Joker's card will entail, seeing how it is only the second installment of the newest set of six new Joker's cards.
As for the meaning of the Mighty Death Pop! Joker's card, all that is known about it right now is that it will do what all ICP album Joker's cards do: teach Juggalos something about themselves. Interestingly, the Mighty Death Pop! Joker's card will have two faces, the second of which has yet to be seen by any Juggalos. So what's the status of the Mighty Death Pop! ICP album right now? At long last, a release date has been nailed down for this newest member of the ICP album family: May 29th, 2011. Juggalos are sure to be a little upset that they have to wait almost half way into the New Year when they were expecting Mighty Death Pop! to be out in "early" 2012 originally. You can find the official release date listed below. Late release or not, Mighty Death Pop! still has pretty high expectations from Juggalos. After all, the reason its released day went unannounced was that Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP didn't want to rush the ICP album's production. By not announcing a release date, they didn't have to work under pressure and release something they might not have been entirely proud of. Because of this relaxed working environment, both ICP members have promised Juggalos that this ICP album will be the best yet. Are you convinced? cheap breguet heritage for sale For the time being, Mighty Death Pop! is the only album officially slated to launch on May 29th, 2011. However, quickly rising buzz rapper Tyler, the Creator is also looking to release an album in May, so Juggalos blancpain leman fake watches might have tag heuer aquaracer replica watches some competition if they want another ICP album atop the charts! Resource Box ICP Albums have a history of being fake cartier calibre de cartier watch very successful Juggalos, but their latest offering, Mighty Death Pop!, will test fans' patience with its later than planned release date. To learn more about ICP albums, Mighty Death Pop!, and Juggalos, please visit