replica watches replica breitling replica tag heuer fake rolex for sale rolex replica replica rolexLighting is in a franck muller king conquistador replica revolution of science and cheap patek philippe moonphase technology. Now electronically generated and digitally controlled, Illumination is manifested in the form of LEDs - (Light Emitting Diode). We are at the dawn of an era that is destined to impact our lives as profoundly as the transistor did for the lives of our parents in the 1950s and iwc replika 60s. It's here, Its happening now and if you want to be wow'd by the LED tsunami sweeping the world just visit Lightfair 2011 in Philadelphia. Lightfair dot com Yesterday's tour of the latest in illuminating developments at Lightfair dazzled even the most jaded and experienced cheap illinois for sale professionals with the technological introductions of dozens of innovators of LED products. This show was not about a decorative twist on an old idea. It was about true innovation from applied research and science. For the most part it left the utility and the application of LED technology to designers like me. It freed us to explore the potential of a limitless world of possibilities and new directions. Lightfair really brought big ideas to a market and to industries desperate for innovation and hungry for change. We are so ready to develop intelligent products. We have been eager to embrace LEDs as a facility to achieving innovative design with social conscience but in its infancy LEDs were only a good idea - that's coming, now it is here in the forms and with the practically that will allow us to make real lighting designs that work well, in new ways. 2011 Ligthfair showcased LED innovation as profoundly as did the technology of the DAWN OF TOMORROW - The 1939 New York World's Fair that helped lift the spirits and the vision of those trapped in the great depression .? Some of the Lightfair highlights for me were: Philips Luxeon A LEDs are the first single-die LED's that are free from color binning, a complex process of sorting by color and performance. (philipslumileds dot com) Cree's EasyWhite MT-G multi-die LED for single source lighting with excellent color consistency (no binning). and the xme producing 165 lumens per watt. (cree dot com/products/xlamp_mtg.asp Seoul Semiconductor's Acriche series of AC line voltage LEDs eliminates the need for bulky drivers and hamilton 992b replicas could absolutely revolutionize the use and cost of LED illumination. (acriche dot com/en/) If you care about lighting and you didn't get to go to Lightfair be sure that you look at the list of exhibiters and visit their sites. The LED revolution is on and we are all going to be a part of it. bedat co no 8 replica Modern Lighting, Ceiling Lights